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BeerBods sells out to ABV

Beerbods raised a total of £400k on Crowdcube in two rounds. Now Matt Lane has sold the business to Beer Hawk, recently acquired by ABV incubator ZX Ventures. 

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This is exactly the sort of transaction that will make equity crowdfunding work; if it gives investors in BeerBods a return. Lane admits that the sale is forced - ie it's the only option if the company wants to make any immediate headway.

No figures have been disclosed although shareholders will know shortly. In the first round Beerbods was valued at around £400k and then a year later at £2.5m post money. So looks like the 101 first rounders will see a healthy uplift. Not so sure about the others. Accounts show a loss for the year to May18 of £80k.

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Friday July 5, 2019

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