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British Business Bank has used £1.14bn of UK taxpayers cash to supposedly support UK Business via The Future Fund. So why are they hiding the names of 670 companies supported?

Two companies we know of have used the FF - Zapaygo has already gone bust and the other, Mettrr, is a pitiful mess. Together they have taken £7.5m from the FF.

UPDATE 26 May 2023

As we predicted Mettrr has now entered admininstartion with debts of over £8m - most of that the Future Fund £3.5m and so called match funding of £3.5m from its overseas funder. How it has managed to splaff £7m all over the wall is a Q only its Glaswegain Accountant Colin Hill can asnwer. Colin? This was never an...

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Friday January 13, 2023

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.