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Carbonlights Solutions puts out the lights on another Crowdcube success story

Twice funded on Crowdcube in the early days, this is one we predicted years ago. £300k down the drain.

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In the excitement of launching ECF.Buzz we missed this one. Carbonlights Solutions promised much and delivered little until it ran out of cash and closed - technically liquidated. Owing £246k according to the initial report  - filed nearly a year ago. 

As usual the crazy numbers they used to sell the equity to Crowdcube punters were proved to be just that. But there is no comeback - if you were foolish enough to believe them, then that is good enough for the FCA and for Crowdcube. We fundamentally disagree. But now with a numbers dyslexic PM new in post, it seems unlikely anything will change. 

Lights Out. 

Tuesday July 23, 2019