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Derby Street Films accounts look very odd. Nicola Horlick's companies are shells but for what purpose?

Nicola Horlick founded Gelntham Capiltal which used Seedrs to raise substantial capital which is all but gone and now 3 film companies that have never produced a film, also Nicola's, have filed the 2018 accounts. But are they real?

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We have written about Glentham Capital many times here. For some reason we cannot fathom, nothing has been done by the FCA to bring those responsible for it to book. 

Maybe the FCA would like to look at Derby Films, Derby Films ll and Derby Films lll - run by the same people. But we guess they wont. 

Having studied many hundreds of sets of accounts  - these ones are peculiar. For starters the Derby Films/ll/lll accounts for 2018 have a completely different set of 2017 accounts to their right than the filed 2017 accounts. Nicola Horlick, Supermum, who has signed off all of these accounts, is a certified City Wizard so filing erroneous accounts is an anathema. How they got from the original 2017 numbers to the new 2017 and then onto the 2018 set is a complete mystery. 

DERBY STREET FILMS LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)


DERBY STREET FILMS II LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)


DERBY STREET FILMS III LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)


If we are going to have a Companies House where all UK registered companies must file accounts then they do need to be real, accurate accounts. Otherwise we should scrap all accounting and filing and just have a massive bun fight. Derby Films raised EIS funds - you the taxpayer are owed. It makes a complete mockery of our system. And it makes finding any potential fraud in any company impossible or to put it the other way around, it makes committing fraud a cinch.  

Either abolish the FCA or get them to do something.

Monday September 23, 2019