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ECF.Buzz is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association

Our two bodies have joined forces to offer start up investors a 10% discount on joining EISA and a whole host of other benefits in the future

Exclusive features and insight into the world of Equity Crowd Funding. Only available through an ECF.BUZZ membership.

only £3 / month

Some information on the EISA for our members - 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. That’s why we believe the role of the Enterprise Investment Scheme in facilitating investment from private individuals to small businesses is so important – and why EISA and its members are dedicated to supporting UK Government, businesses and investors in ensuring the Scheme continues to deliver growth to the economy. EISA supports and promotes policies and initiatives that facilitate the smooth flow of risk equity capital from private individuals to smaller companies thereby benefiting the UK economy. This is achieved through;

  • Protecting the interests of our members so they can continue to operate in an environment that is conducive to the growth and support of SEIS/EIS
  • Promoting and raising awareness of SEIS/EIS to small businesses and financial advisers as well as to MPs, the media and the general public.
  • Positioning SEIS/EIS as a trusted source of funding. We seek to demonstrate the impact and value that SEIS/EIS funding continues to have acting as a significant contributor to UK economic growth and job creation


As the EIS & SEIS market continues to grow and offer significant opportunities for an increasing number of industry participants, EISA can help you discover how to benefit from those opportunities. By joining EISA you will gain from our understanding and expertise on issues relevant to you and your business, acquire an insight into current Government thinking on EIS and SEIS, engage and network with peers and prospective partners, develop yourself and your teams professionally, and both contribute to, and make a difference to the future direction of the SEIS & EIS industry. Find out more here https://eisa.org.uk/joining-eisa/

We are also happy to inform members that the Director General of the Association, Mark Brownridge, has written a piece on Risk which is now available to members in The Sages section. 

Tuesday September 17, 2019