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Feastr signs off with a loving message. Investors lose the lot. You do feel so sorry for poor Tom - what did he pay himself again?

A great example of how much BS there is in equity crowdfunding. Funded October 2020. One update in May 21 paints a rosey picture with £100k sales pm then bang - September it's all gone bust. This should be a criminal offence.

This is the message belatedly sent out by the founder of Feastr on the Seedrs website. Below it is the message sent out by the same guy in May. Feastr took £280k off the public via Seers in October 2020. Some ride. Poor luv. Some of the stuff he says here is really incredible but it does help to explain the failure. Let's hope he gets a job a gives up the entrepreneuerial stuff. 

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Saturday October 2, 2021

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.