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Filmore and Union is the latest Crowdcube success to join the scrap heap.

On, on, on we go, as if everything is fine. But it is not. As yet another Crowdcube success, the cafe chain, Filmore and Union, goes into administration. It used Crowdcube to take £860k off punters with promises of profits in 17/18 of just under £1m. Dream on.

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Why cant we at least see how wrong this is and do something to change the outcome? Of course you will get the usual glib response you always do from the management at Crowdcube. They took their commission on £860k years ago.

Filmore had a much larger investor than Crowdcube. BGF (no not something out of a Dahl story but the Business Growth Fund) put in £3.5m in September 2017. That was a good call guys.

We warned about this outcome in January 19 - here 

The administrators have, according to a piece in the Beeb, managed to sell off the production kitchen and ten stores. That will not provide any crumbs for investors.

Onwards.......................... or maybe not. We had this sent to us today 28 May - disgraceful......

From the staff at Filmore & Union, Skipton. We regret to inform you that this site is now closed. All members of the team have been made redundant, with no notice period or payment and have been treated unfairly by those in higher management, leaving the government to pay us for their mistakes. We are all due six weeks of pay including holidays (AND the compensation pay - that we will not receive). Please boycott other Filmore & Union sites from now on, all they care about is their money.
Feel free to join our group --https://www.facebook.com/groups/2251632458261055/
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Tuesday May 28, 2019

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