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Seedrs delivers another Crowdfunding disaster that just makes you want to cry.

Happy Christmas - this time from Seedrs. Bike Hud has declared it is now 'dormant' although we are not sure that the CEO has a clue what that means. Bankrupt is a better description. 

David Vout 'runs' Bike Hud - a widget to make motorcyle helmets present a heads up display. Well that is what it said on the tin. After raising £100k on Seedrs and collecting another £250k in unpaid debts, the last accounts, filed recently, optimistically declare that the company is now dormant. As if that is something akin to Passing Go.


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Saturday December 15, 2018

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.