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This is how equity crowdfunding should be done.

In recent months we have helped two excellent companies raise £1.2m using equity crowdfunding. Want to know how? Well here is a brief outline but if you really want to make a success of your campaign then you must talk to ECF.Buzz first.

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We didnt expect that deep into the world's worst pandemic we would be seeing successful funding rounds for a fintech start up and an established craft brewer. But here we are some months on from the completion of the Loanpad round on Seedrs for £440k and the more recent Windsor and Eton Brewery round for £760k. Both exceeded their initial targets by someway.

Loanpad had come to us back in 2018 for advice on a round to kickstart their P2P lending business. After much thought we advised that they were not yet ready to go down the ECF route and that a failure might well impact their futrure funding options. Roll on two years and they were back with a much improved offer and all the right bits and pieces in the right places. So we signed them up for a Seedrs round. It took just a week to complete and they were keen to get on with their main focus, which was increasing their loanbook and borrowers. In the first quarter since the funding landed, they have had huge success growing at a rate way ahead of their projections. Sensible, committed and honest management coupled with a unique idea has enabled this. And this is why the round was such a suceess. But the success in raising the money is completely pointless if, as in so many ECF cases, the company never delivers what they sold. We dont support companies that make stuff up - that's 90% of the companies using ECF. We do however believe that it is possible to raise this cash and deliver for investors and that is where we come in. 

Windsor and Eton Brewery are an established small craft brewer who make small profits on a steady turnover. They approached us to help with a funding round with a tartget of around £400k. We helped them raise £760k. This was achieved without any EIS or SEIS as the company had been trading for 10 years. So it was achieved by presenting a very sensible offer at a reasonable valuation, backed up their huge local support and our network of investors. Of course they also make some cracking beers which are in my opinion worth shouting about. At the other end of the scale from Loanpad - with their young team and start up position - WE is run by well honed experienced professionals. 

We think that this proves our value - we are able to judge through 30 years of experience in start ups and company growth, whether an offer will make the grade and recieve the funding and more importantly if the company will then go on to deliver of for its new shareholders. That is the mix that can make equity crowdfunding a real force for good for UKplc. But sadly it is not the norm - yet. 

Thinking of raissing, know someone who is thinking of raising capital - tell them to get in touch for a free intital appraisal. In keeping with real ethos of ECF, we only a take a fee if the round is successful. So essentially it is a free service (we take a very small amount upfront to deter time wasters). 

This what WE siad about us - 

We’d been considering equity crowd funding for a few years, but it was meeting up Rob Murray Brown at ECF.Buzz that gave us the confidence to go to market. As well as bringing an unmatchable wealth of experience, Rob shared our desire to create a raise that was in line with our very strong company values. We worked closely with ECF.Buzz to help create our Seedrs equity CF campaign, set targets and valuations, introduce investors and keep the campaign going once it had launched. We raised more than double our £300k target and closed our raise early. If you are considering equity crowdfunding, talking to Rob first will have give you a clear picture of what is possible.

Bob Morrison
Windsor & Eton Brewery 

Wednesday August 4, 2021

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.