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How is this company making its money? Dormant accounts to Feb19 so no trade until March 19 and what appears to be huge traction since? Any investors with a view?

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This was posted today by an ex employee - it seems the Den saga continues and it isnt good. Did Seedrs investors know the full story? Under current employment laws you cannot simply issue a p45 and that is it. That would be constructive dismissal and the directors would be in court very promptly. Where is the company best practice here?  

A discrepancy has been noted in p45's issued to former Den staff.

As you all know from my previous post, in late June, Yasser informed the staff at Den that he did not have the money to pay wages and would raise a Seedrs round to pay the outstanding wages.

As wages still have not been paid, this has forced all Den staff to seek alternative employment.

It is important to note that Yasser did not terminate any contracts and a few Den staff have still not formally resigned whilst others resigned months later.

However, it seems that staff who did not resign have been issued p45's stating that their last date of employment was on the 31/07/2019 and from HMRC's perspective, staff have been paid in full up until that date and are no longer employed by Den.
This does not account for the two or more months of outstanding wages owed to staff by Den or the fact that they did not formally resign.

Furthermore, a few staff who did resign have not been issued p45's despite requesting it multiple times.


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WNTWABP. But that is just me. Looking at their collection of live pitches very few investors and little activity. In our opinion League 1 Seedrs and Crowdcube. League 2 Angels Den and these guys. Mind you League 1 has not really gone as planned! 

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All assets sold to Hochanda Global - owned by main Directors of Hochanda. Sale used money owed by Hochanda to the 2 directors. Now Hochanda is a shell but 390 Crowdcube investors appear to be stuck in it. All very odd. And there is more…………………..

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Can anyone comment on the apparent sale of Hochanda to itself? This happened this summer after a year when they made a small profit, after years of huge losses. Comments in accounts say the company was sabotaged by a rival stealing their suppliers, which is very strange. It appears to leave Crowdcube shareholders who put £1.8m with a shell - all assets sold to Hochanda Global which is owned by the original 2 directors. The were owed the amount the company was sold for by the company - ~£5m. Valued on CC in 2016 at over £8m. Im struggling to understand how this is allowed and why there has not been any noise about it? 390 shareholders.