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Posted in Squirrel Financial Wellbeing

There must be more to it than meets the eye. Good reviews from users. Had all the leg andd shouler ups you could wish for. £1.2m should be enough to get going. Cannot all be down to co founder leaving - he wasnt main man anyway. Story in here somewhere - let me get my glasses!

Posted in Squirrel Financial Wellbeing

Hahaha - I emailed Tom at Seedrs about it yesterday. Not a lot of qudos! Looks like the end to me. Wonder what they did with all that cash?? 

Posted in Squirrel Financial Wellbeing

Seems to have vanished for now. Still active at CH and accounts not due till September but one of the two founders resigned in Dec19. Either up for sale or dead. As you say not app not available and no SM. Raised £1.2m from SR and Crowdcube. Will tweet to see if any reaction. 

Posted in Recycling Technologies

Great for the company but as you point out maybe not so great for investors? Note that the Crowdcube pitch made little mention of the need for huge new investment.