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Does anyone believe this is a good deal? Fire Sale?

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I hope some of you followed our advice and invested in Loanpad at the start of this year on Seedrs. They are flying. 50% increase in loanbook in just 3 months. June was their first in profit month - way ahead of schedule. Great team great job. See blog for update.

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Hi - all points well made. But IMO all wrong. And as with so many who backed her Righteous outfit and now this one, it seems the ability to be objective just flies out of the window. Yes I agree I have a thing with Gem and her businesses - simply becasue she always promises large or very large and NEVER to date delivers. She manipulates the facts to make things seem great and I find this highly disingeneous and mialeading or worse. 9 rounds in total on Crowdcube including the failed Righteous - all of them promised large and failed to deliver anything close to that. Justlast year she gave an interview to The Grocer where she stated that revenue for 2020 would be £7m - no ifs or buts. Well tnat was simply a lie. It was published as a fact.

Back up a little and the lead post here says that they missed their 2020 £7m target set out as a done deal in The Grocer, becasue of Covid. Well that's odd as Covid wasnt around in Dec2020 when that year ended. Why do SHs' feel to need to make lame excuses for Gem's inability to count?

They have been saying they are close to BE for ages but they are not. Just look at the real numbers. Even in the pitch she cant help making stuff up about revenues - £5.4m is not the reported revenue in the filed accounts. Why?

The product is completely counter intuitive imo. It polluets the planet, it stinks (I have tried it). It is not required, it offers no health benefits over real cauliflower and it doenst sell in the numbers they keep on claiming it will. Im not sure how much clearer I can be. It gets a very high % of 1 star reviews all with the same message - it stinks. The reason the sales figures never reach the numbers used on Crowdcube is that the product does not sell in the quantities she claims it will - that is a caste iron fact. She has done this 9 times - 7 with FG. When does it become misleading? This is imo exactly what is wrong with equity CF - made up stuff, misdirection, fantasitcal nonsense all sold as fact. It has nothing to do with reinvesting in the business and growth - all start ups do that. It has everything to do with the fact the projs state XXX revenues and the reality is that XXX is 30-50% overstated everytime. That is just crass management or worse. 

Finally ALL of our facts are facts - if you feel they are not then please dont just say so  - let me have the ones that are not. Then if you are right I will apologise and correct. My aim is to stop people being conned by all of the above. That is what we try to do here. You do not have to agree with it. But calling it unprofessional is an insult we cannot accept. What is unprofessional is making stuff up that isnt true. £7m revenues for example.

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Angel - no probs -I also queried that when they came to us for help. Dont rely on my ideas  - please. 

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You make a fair point Brian but if Im abrasive you are downright corrosive. Just put it more politely. 

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.