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I'm a vegetarian and allergic to milk and none of these have appealed to me. No, that's not quite true, putting a little bit in Planty. But not the meat replacement "raw material" cos.

Vegan meat is very on trend, some companies have gone huge, others piggyback. It's like how after Brewdog success, 25% of fundraises seemed to be breweries.

Someone will win, but it's impossible to predict who, and a crapshoot chance that they'd be a UK startup raising through equity crowdfunding.

For the likes of Planty, I have this idea that crowdfunding gets you not just equity, but also some product champions. Which really is one of the underexploited merits of ECF.

But as with every investment, I assume the base case is that I will lose all my money, and the small number of winners will make up for it (so far so good, I was in Senta and ZigZag).

Posted in ZigZag exit

Yes. I invested £300 gross in their first raise, and got back just over £10k.

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.