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Posted in Ripple Energy - crowdfunding wind farm

It has just funded... but still has 6 days to go!? So, yes, it got extended. It’s a total con for investors imho... even though it’s aspirations are good and the people seem well intentioned. I’ve done a lot of research into low cost green electricity for domestic customers... and what to install to take advantage... for most it’s not solar, or heat pumps, or hydrogen boilers...

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🤣🤣 investment is in convertibles! Exactly where did all that money go. 

Chris, I’m happy for Rob to pass you my contact details... we seem to have similar views several investments. Crowdinvesting is a small part of what I’m involved in ... I’ve not made money (exit) from investing in crowdfunded ventures apart from from some tiny exits using secondary market on Seedrs. I’ve booked some significant losses though! ... and my portfolio is in paper profit due to one investment that I’m helping... outside of crowdfunding I make a living from investing in early stage companies... I’ve also helped to kill a few crowdfunding campaigns ... that were misleading the crowd! I want investors to be treated fairly and to often we are not by companies raising on ecf sites. 

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Raising £250k on a convertible at 50% discount… they must be desperate? It’s already sounding like a red hot opportunity, I mean poker.

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I made a small investment, usual reason.. liked the concept... don’t understand the market... wanted to follow the journey. They have not kept all shareholders updated and the CEO has some adversarial interactions with shareholders on the discussion board that remains open on CrowdCube. They were , miraculously, able to contact all shareholders easily when they wanted more money though! 

They are raising again, privately atm, on Seedrs. Will go public in Jan. I hope they have address the questions about how the previous cash evaporated so quickly and specifically where it went. Also why they have had no social media exposure. All a bit odd. Looking forward to reading the pitch deck and financials! 

Posted in Ripple Energy - crowdfunding wind farm

I note that they’ve still not hit their minimum target… £35k to go in 6 days… suspect they will crawl over the line one way or another. 

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.