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Good point about Waterstones - possible trade buyer!!! Joking aside, very low likelihood of scaling to a point where an investor can make at least 10X on their investment. The guy has done well to make it what it is but future £10M+ valuation I cannot see.

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'Other' is Augmentum Capital, from memory

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From Seedrs forum and as a Seedrs shareholder: even if WPCT doesn't stump up, the 'other' will step in. The way it is structured is that WCPT and 'other' have to invest 50% of £5M minus what the crowdfunding raise was (approx £4M) up to a max of £2.25M each. So in practise approx £0.5M each. Since £4M was raised by the crowd you can see that even if WPCT reneges and 'other' fails to step in it's not going to be too much of an issue.

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Well, I suppose £10 isn't life or death!