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Posted in FullGreen Raise March 2021

@Brian W, not sure why you come to the conclusion that Gem or her company screwed anybody. Strange perception but maybe I am missed something. I can see from your comments on Twitter that there is some strong bias in your comments. I have no personal issues and hey, it's Twitter, everybody is allowed to make a statement reflecting his personal views there. However, I can't take it serious….

Looking at the facts:
Yes, Fullgreen and formerly Caulirice constantly fundraised over the past 6 years. So far so good and nothing unusual and wrong in my opinion. They always said that they were looking for an institutional investor rather than raising from the crowd. Now that they can get a term sheet for several millions, this will open up new possibilities in terms of available financial allocations. Now there is no more excuses after that. If it works out as planned, there will be a good deal for existing investors, if not, it is gone as with any other business. 

I believe they are doing the right thing in accepting the term sheet. Nobody has been screwed so far and there has always been quite transparent communication from Gem oover the past years. If you like it or not, I would dare to say that Fullgreen achieved more than 80% of the other crowdfunded businesses. It is growing its business significantly and managed to enter one of the most competitive retail markets, the US. This is quite an achievement.

Last but not least, being offered a Series A term sheet (still not signed according to my understanding) is something that many other companies never achieve for various reasons. To conclude, Fullgreen as well as Gem and her team have good reasons to celebrate this achievement for a short moment. Very soon they will be challenged even more than ever before. 

Posted in FullGreen Raise March 2021

Rob, I can't help, but it seems as if you are having a personal issue with Fullgreen and Gem. Please don't get me wrong, I don't expect you to give a positive testimonial but I would encourage you to stay with the facts. Personal preferences for food or personal resentments shouldn't be a topic on this platform. Also your numerous messages via Twitter - in my opinion - are not adequate. I don't want to be impolite Rob, but from time to time you give information and statements about companies that are not entirely correct. Not a big issue but please apply the same standards on this platform.

Looking at Fullgreen as a company:

  • They are providing regular investor updates, even though basic, and tell the truth. This is much more than most companies.
  • Not meeting forecasts and plans in my view is not a problem as long as they execute a plan and they are moving into the right direction, i.e. grow business and improve results. This was/is an early stage company and future success is always highly speculative. 
  • They are getting closer to break even and apparently there is a market out there they are addressing. Otherwise their sales numbers would be decreasing. Of course, this can still happen as they are trying to establish a new  product line in a particular market segment. 
  • They are investing into the product but also into production and distribution capacities. This is perfectly fine, if you want to scale.
  • Your criticism on using CC or Seedrs many times is something I don't understand. In consider it quite normal for an early stage company to have at least 5-10 funding rounds over time and I don't see any issue as long as they are progressing on their path to develop the business. The alternative would be to focus on break even and cash flow positive but to invest very little into scaling. This can be both right or wrong, depending on the business and product.
  • In summary, it is my personal view that Fullgreen as a company has achieved much more than 80% of other companies funded via CC or Seedrs. They are executing a plan which is challenging and they set high targets. Scaling a business and achieving revenue targets takes usually 2-3 years longer than initially expected. I expect every serious investor to be conscious and realistic about this. 

About the product:

  • I never tried their product and it is not relevant for me if I like their product or not. In terms of investing it is only relevant, if I see sufficient market potential to succeed. Of course, it makes it easier to like and use a product of a company that you invested in and it is nothing wrong about aligning your personal preferences for a product with an investment. However, I believe it is almost a disadvantage as it will make it more difficult to run an unbiased analysis of the market opportunities. Speaking of myself, if I only invested in products I like and use (be it a tangible or digital product), oh dear, I believe my portfolio would be a mess.
  • Your point on packaging they use, fair enough, this is something that should be challenged for the sake of the future of the planet. We should all know it is not always easy to replace packaging materials with environmentally friendly solutions as they simply don't meet the standards yet. Of course they have to start working on alternatives and my understanding is that Fullgreen already started doing this, which I fully support even tough this means higher investments and less profit. 

To conclude, I would appreciate, if we could come back to a more objective discussion. What is going well, what is going wrong, room for improvement. If you don't like it at all, fine, make a clear statement and leave it. Repeating rather polemic statements is not what I believe is adequate and professional.  
Once again, I repeat what I said at the beginning, it is not about criticism in general but it should be balanced and not biased. In best case this leads to an open discussion on what can be improved. However, in my understanding is focussing mainly on tracking companies after they fundraised via crowdfunding. Having an opinion about their product is part of that to better understand the market potential, sure, but I am not looking for testimonials to use/like a product or not.

Just my 2 cents and I already know that you won't like my comments. Fair enough and accepted but at least I tried to make my point.

Started Parcel2Go @Twitter

@"Rob Brown"

sorry, your last tweet about Parcel2Go is misleading. P2G exited CC investors 1 1/2 years ago with a nice return. Not perfect but nice.

Maybe a good opportunity to put this right.

Posted in Nothing @Crowdcube

Ok, things start to go mad on the discussion board.

Time to get some popcorn and enjoy the show…. 

Started Nothing @Crowdcube

Ok, let me try to put this offer into my words: - No product, not even saying what product will be sold in the near future (it's a secret… uhhh) Is it a hairdryer? is it an interactive pan? or just "nothing"? - I suspect, no sales, just costs… nothing, just nothing - well the name of the company starts to make sense somehow - Pre-Money of EUR 77m - Why? Because of the people and current investors they say…. - I mean, how is a serious investor supposed to do a basic due diligence if almost no information is provided? And just to mention, not even 10 min after sending the email with the link, it is already over. Not even got the pitch deck released in this time. This are the stories that put CC into a really questionable position. Thanks for Nothing! (hahaha) Any comments? Does anybody has more information?

Hardman and Co’s Brian Moretta in conversation with ECF Buzz Founder Rob Murray Brown on start up investing, equity crowdfunding and what’s a good read.