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Posted in Times article

Thats not quite the way the Press PR was done saying that 4.5m was committed , Creative spin , maybe some politicians involved;-)

Posted in Times article

Additional Capital , thought it was a convertible from Woodford and one other ? I woudl presume that Woodford will not convert ?

Started Woodford closing down and impact on any of its investments ? Will distressed sales bring some sanity back to valuations?

Just read on BBC

Wondering how they will fund redemptions and what a orderly liquidation of illiquid equity might involve. Also be interesting to see how this may impact their recent debt investments and if there were any clauses for call on the funding in case of events such as this

I am sure Crowdfund Insider will be following with a piece in the next 24 to 48 hours to their original PR

Interesting times and will be interesting to see the exit prices they can get for many of their private company investments that might bring a bit of sanity back to valuations across the board and make it very clear the discount there is to private equity and especially in times of distress

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I dont see how you can say funded when it is not, but maybe the accounting and FCA rules changed since I qualified in 1989 and I am not up to date with the improvements 

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It seems the convertible was funded in March 19 so would be material and disclosed as a PBSE in the accounts that are now overdue or maybe its a "funded" that does not mean cash sent and completed yet type of "funded"