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Yep , don't have issue with the biz model  and it looks a good concept if they can scale . Lots of solutions in place already being used in India dev shops and call centres etc and for stuff like upwork etc but the lack off privacy of those existing systems may be a bit too much for US based home workers. With luck companies will move to value based measures and KPI and not hours on clock for home working but I think that's probably a step too far for most where they want their pound of flesh in hours rather than productivity 
These guys do seem to also have some good networks to open doors and with wind blowing right could be a big score .
I just cannot believe how they are able to pump Bn , 2Bn etc around like they do. For sure if you were a 40's Act fund or NFA registered commodities shop you would be in front of the beak for this . I guess rules are there to broke in the US as well if you have the right connections and backers 

Posted in Transparent Business

How they can get away with stuff like that in an inducement to invest is beyond me. 

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Couldn't be better for stay at home drinking products , I think thats here to stay a long time when people ahve fears about being in crowded environements and also the cost saving they have had but not paying bar prices for booze. In addition even though it can go both ways of course, a lot will find out its actually good to be home molre with wife/kids/husband etc so I think we might see an even bigger tail off on bars and restaurants and it will be hard to recover.
Disposable income will fall across the board so cutting costs and boozing at home is one easy way 

Posted in Skinny Tonic

If they get on the Amazon Prime then they are made but that does cut the margin a bit . On Prime Amazon do a huge amount for promotion for you so its sort of the holy grail. 
I imagine there might be a big increase in gin consumption coming up unless everyone is already too depressed to drink it. Its my favourite spirit by a country mile.
If they didnt have a shit load of stock at Asda then they may have dodged a bullet as would probably have been left on shelves and they would not have been paid for a good while

Posted in Squirrel Financial Wellbeing

They are just a PFS promoter and PFS got bought a few months ago and may be doing some housekeeping of clients looking at profitability.  With the rev shares as a promoter you have to have users active to make that pay as margins are tight and the monthly charges soon eat up any initial deposits , you then have dormant cards and lose users on top of the normal 70 to 90% churn you get in this kind of thing 

PFS were actually a huge success story and not really publicised at all when they got bought.

The money in the prepaid biz is not the promoters at the end who incur all the marketing costs and have the massive churn , if there is money to be made its in the layers above them. Prepaid dont work unless you have a bottomless barrow of cash to buy users and downloads and can spin a we will make profit soon , but that market has been cornered by the guys who have raised 100m+ and they spend in a week what the ECF guys with a "niche" card raise